Roach Racing Club

Race. Predict. Strike the bank.

Roach Racing Club is a strategic racing game where players control NFT roaches tied to real-time crypto price feeds and compete for the bank. Players can train, breed, trade roaches and race against other players in real time. Outcomes depend on data feeds, genetics of roaches, and player skills to predict crypto asset prices.

Boost MechanicsWait for the perfect entry and open your position.
Close it at the right moment to get the Boost.
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  • Dynamic Universe

    We respect the chance and believe it’s crucial to maintain engagement. We want to affect the chances by certain data feeds provided by Chainlink oracles, such as weather conditions, asset price fluctuations and network conditions.

  • Unstoppable Evolution

    Breeding is at the core of Roach Racing Club and users are competing in creating the most stellar genotype. Our evolutionary breeding model is powered by polyhybrid crossing, mutation and cross-generational inheritance.

  • Built For Growth

    Our primary goal is to establish community owned racing universe focused on incentivizing active participants. Tokenized revenue streams are instantly distributed among all players after each race in order to create a sustainable economy focused on growth.

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#ROACHGANG is waiting for OG scouts, prophets and community leaders!